About Taiwan Fun on the Tropic of Cancer

Taiwan Fun on the Tropic of Cancer Is the Summer Ultimate in Taiwan!


 The Tropic of Cancer (latitude 23.5 degrees north) cuts right across the island of Taiwan and its outer islands. The special geographical location, and the different scenic landscapes and rich local products of the varying climate zones, play a key role in making Taiwan a truly beautiful spanning the tropical and subtropical. They also make Taiwan a premier choice for summertime tourism, and have given rise to the moniker “Emerald on the Tropic of Cancer”!

Combining the concepts of geographical space and solar terms, the Taiwan Tourism Bureau (Ministry of Transportation and Communications) has created a unique Taiwan-dedicated summer festival. An added special feature is a culinary delicacy unique to Taiwan, aiyu jelly. Together, these present visitors with a summer-fun tourism adventure never before experienced, from the greatest in food to the greatest in scenery!

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